Keep Your Head Up

by Lobo Marino

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released June 8, 2010

Lobo Marino is:
Jameson Price
Laney Sullivan

Guest Musicians:
Nathaniel Roseberry
David Donaldson

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Lance Koehler



all rights reserved


Lobo Marino Richmond, Virginia

Lobo Marino, a Richmond-based duo whose elegantly eerie chant-like intones soar over drone-vibing world-fused folk music built primarily on harmonium, bass drum and other various instruments.

Named after the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, they draw from a rich palette of international influences. Their infectious hooks and intoxicating vocals are both hypnotically spiritual and deeply soulful.
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Track Name: The Pallbearer
The Pallbearer fell upon the plague.
Was buried, but rose the next day, with his head all aflame.

So we took him down to the lake and baptised him among the snakes.
Then his body floated away, we couldn't drink the water for days.

He came back by boat eyes full of smoke.
Covered in ashes, ashes we all fall down.
Track Name: Pope's Nose
Do you know the Pope?
He picks at his nose, and flies through the vatican
completely naked.

And his wings are feathered fur, with talons made of wool.
And his screech is your alarm to cover your sacred heart.

Clouds cover the sun, our only begotten sun.
Hail falls from the sky, hail mary and I.
Track Name: Vicar of Flight
Winter came through my window and threw down his coat.
He was already drunk, and he found me there alone.
His hands were pickled cold.

So the snow accumulates between my bed sheets.

And the villain birds have followed me.
Track Name: Animal Hands
I heard you singing (animal hands)
through pavement walls (animal hands)
and it echoed like (animal hands)
a shower stall (animal hands)

and you are........

I saw you marching (lobster claws)
In our towns parade (polar bear paws)
you carried a float (hawk talons)
and flew away (fish fins)

cause you are........

Oh my god my hands are polar bears
my hands are hawk talons
my hands are amphibians
my hands are crustaceans
my hands are strings
Track Name: Down Children, Down
Lay me down to sleep like the way when we were young, and fill my body full of seeds when I die.

Send your children down, so they may save us from this curse of tired hands and busy eyes as we work.

I've been kissed by ghost.

I tied your ash in knots around the bend.
Track Name: Transplant
Uproot and find some liquid, but not the saltwater type.
Straight up and on the rocks is fine.

I find the roads less traveled, are where people hide their dead. The trees will take their place from here.

With or without you.
They'll grow, with or without you.
Track Name: Then Once, I Started Smoking
Flicker a match light my last cigarette before electricity burns my skull.

Attach me to string, let me drift away, because I've got no legs to go.

Leave him, anchor side.
Batten down the sails and raise the kites.

She drifts to wake the clouds.
and fire met its match and hit the ground.
Track Name: No Land
The Patron Saint of stone, climbed down the mountain, and raised up his hands, but couldn't heal the land.

So the drought carried on and the fire feed on the tall, the dry and the weak, like me.
For that I'm sorry

Swing sweet chariot down, and pull me from the hallowed ground.
Take me back where I was born, where my trespasses were before I went away.