by Lobo Marino

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Lobo Marino's "fields" is a concept album.

The entire album was recorded using a field recording device.
Over the past 2 years sounds and songs have been collected during the travels of Lobo Marino.

"fields" was recorded in two ways, half of the songs incorporate sound samples that were used during the song writing process.
The other half were spontaneous improvisations that were inspired by the bands surroundings.

"fields" is a journey. It captures moments and spaces. It demonstrates that music is everywhere, from rain forest thunder to the barking of sea lions.
Join us on our journey.

"fields" locations:
- San Juan, Puerto Rico
- Brunswick, Georgia
- Geyserville, California
- Chicago, Illinois
- Floyd, Virginia
- Butte, Montana
- Chefchaouen, Morocco
- Alpujarras, Spain
- Crescent City, California
- Richmond, Virginia
- Santiago de Compostela, Spain

all rights reserved 2013


released October 9, 2013

Guest Musicians:
Renee Shuman
Logan Byrd
Pamela Shaffer
Kyle Klipowicz
Cynthia Spencer
Chelsea Tadeyeske

Recorded and mixed by Lobo Marino

Mastered by Patrick Bates

Album art by Mica Rose



all rights reserved


Lobo Marino Richmond, Virginia

Lobo Marino, a Richmond-based duo whose elegantly eerie chant-like intones soar over drone-vibing world-fused folk music built primarily on harmonium, bass drum and other various instruments.

Named after the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, they draw from a rich palette of international influences. Their infectious hooks and intoxicating vocals are both hypnotically spiritual and deeply soulful.
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Track Name: El Morro (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Look upon the waves as all you've done
Formed by the wind and the sun

The fields grow and bloom
Purged by the fire of the womb
So raise me above the crop
Harvest my deeds and thoughts
A life within, a life without.
Track Name: Old Man Snapping Turtle (Brunswick, Georgia)
Old man snapping turtle

Hold that bridge down high
Track Name: Crooked Road (Floyd, Virginia)
Oh the crane bows his head to the stream so cold
Oh the snake swims ahead to the tide river flows

And the smallest ant carries the weight of a man
and the cloudy rays still grow the tallest trees

Oh the fern it unfolds and the heat carries on
And the sweet of the vine calls the bees "drink the wine"
Track Name: Call to Prayer (Cheffcouan, Morroco)
Look the light fits in our hands
without start without end

also darkness rest within
in the cracks of aged skin

We are the keepers holders of light
Just as the fire turns into night

We are the sparks that burn from the dust
we carry the rain of metal to rust

What you're holding is a star
just as large just as small

Open up and let it fly
cycled life that never dies
Track Name: The Pilgrimage of St. James (Richmond, Virginia)
I walk these stones, through the fields of bones
and I sleep with the lambs and the wolves

and I see the smoke from chimney tops
so I wait for the peace in the storm

Slow down and wait for the birds to wake
Slow down and wait for the light to break
Slow down and wait for the bread to bake