Kite Festival

by Lobo Marino

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"Kite Festival" was recorded on March 29th, 2012 at historic Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA in front of a live studio audience, who participated rhythmically and vocally throughout this album.


released 25 June 2012
Lobo Marino:
Laney Sullivan
Jameson Price

Guest Musicians:
Nathaniel Roseberry
Dave Watkins
Joon Kim
Patrick Bates

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Watkins



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Lobo Marino Richmond, Virginia

Lobo Marino is a mix of tribal, folk and world music featuring the harmonium, drum and various other unique instruments and voices. At its core it is the musical response to the continuous travels and ongoing spiritual journey of its members.

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Track Name: Golden Flea
What kind of god, cares more for man than beast?
What kind of man, brings prayers of gold through teeth?

It carries us, like brothers to the sea.
It washes us, like fisher mans feet.
Track Name: Stay with me
Step the spade into the dirt
Pull it back and take away the earth
Wide enough and deep enough to lay
They may look, but this is where we'll stay

so Stay with me
Stay with me, tonight

It's raining north, the runoffs on it's way
To carry us, southward to the bay.

so Stay with me
Stay with me, tonight
Track Name: Celebrate
The time has come for us to celebrate, celebrate.
With all we are we cannot hesitate, hesitate.
To raise the ruined earth through the air, up to the sky.
Lay down your swords and wait for rain.

They say the war is over.
Our sons are coming home?

The time has come for us to celebrate, celebrate.
With all we are we cannot hesitate, hesitate.
To love always and to appreciate
The light, the darkness and the sun.

The time has come for us to celebrate, celebrate.
Track Name: Otra Cosa Mariposa
Track Name: Build an Altar everywhere you Go
Sailed through the ocean, mapped out the land.
Dug for gold and oil, but left the rocks and sand.

So build your gods to carpenters and build your gods to slaves.
As the earth built the waters and the sun built the flame.

We go again..

Get out the way and find me.
Get out the way and find my home.
Track Name: Young and Old
These winds, will carry our kites when we are old and when we were young.
These walls will hold your hand, when you fall over the edge.

Its there below the rocks, that you'll find it all begins.

The tide will rise and you'll start to grow.
Between water and land, between water and land.
Track Name: The Unknown
Fall into the sky that shines down.
Fall into the light that shines down.

Where we go I don't know but I'm not scared of that hole.
So take my sword but not my shield, the force of life's not mine to steal.